How to change the entries in standard table through debugging

In this post, we will discuss how to data manipulate any entry in standard table through debugging.

Sometimes we might need to change the data in standard tables manually to replicate some scenarios, though it is not recommended to do this step. Since we mostly perform only in Quality or test system.

Note: This step is strictly not recommended to be performed in your production system, since it may cause severe data inconsistencies.

This operation can be performed in two ways. Either through t-code SE11 or SE16N

Method 1: Using T-code SE11

Choose the entry in the table on which operation need to performed


Click on display or F7


Now in Command field, enter ‘/h’ and press enter twice. It will be navigated to the debugger screen


Now if we want to change the entry, then we need to populate variable CODE with value ‘EDIT’


And Press F8


Now your screen will appear in editable mode. Change the data and click on save. You will get a success message. Navigate back and refresh (F8) your table to see the update values.


As explained above, we can also perform insert or delete or change the data along with primary key. For that we need to replace the same variable CODE with respective values.

For Insert  – Code is ‘INSR’

For Delete – Code is ‘DELE’

For Changing data, along with primary key – Code is ‘ANVO’

Method 2: Using T-code SE16N

Navigate to SE16N and provide the values in selection criteria for the required table.

Enter ‘/h’ in the command field & press enter and click on F8 or execute


You will be navigated to debugger screen


Here we need to change the values of two variables i.e.,GD-EDIT & GD-SAPEDIT to ‘X’.


Press F8


You will see the entry in editable mode. Change the entry and save

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